Gardeners World episode 8 2015

In Gardeners World episode 8 2015: everything in the garden is shooting up, so it’s time to lift and divide herbaceous perennials…

Everything in the garden is shooting up, so it’s time to lift and divide herbaceous perennials, and Carol Klein is doing just that with Sally and Geoff in their new garden. And in our third trip to South Africa, we discover where red-hot pokers grow in the wild and what it takes to keep them happy.


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In Gardeners World episode 8 2015:

 1. Deadhead daffodils

It’s worth deadheading daffodils when the flowers fade, as this will help to prevent the seed heads from developing and so concentrate the plant’s energy into producing next year’s display. It also pays to allow the leaves to die back for at least six weeks and don’t, whatever you do, cut them off or tie them in knots!

2. Sow French & runner beans

It’s too early to sow French and runner beans directly into the ground. Instead, sow them in pots or plug trays and place them somewhere warm and light to germinate. Within a few weeks, you will have healthy, young plants ready to transplant when the weather is warm enough.

3. Cut back straggly herbs

If your herbs are looking a bit tired or woody, consider giving them a tidy up. Sage can be hard pruned now to promote a bushier habit. Old growth can also be trimmed away from marjoram and oregano which will ensure fresh new shoots, delicious for the cooking pot!

 4. How to train climbers

Climbing plants can quickly clothe a fence or wall. Careful training and pruning on first planting will help ensure that a climber grows attractively and healthily, covering the wall efficiently and remaining easy to maintain.

 5. Crown imperials

Grows well in most fertile, well-drained soils. Handle the fragile bulbs carefully and plant at four times own depth.


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