How to Cook Well : Barbecue & Grill

This time Raymond explains grilling, either on the stove or outside on the barbecue, where food is cooked on or over flames..

Raymond Blanc says that a good cook is one who understands the basic techniques of cooking. Raymond had to teach himself to be a Michelin-starred chef. He found out for himself what happens when you cook food in different ways. Now, after years of trial and error, Raymond wants to help us to cook well and become confident in the kitchen.


Each week he takes a different technique and shows five delicious dishes using that technique. The recipes range from the simple to the ambitious. Raymond delivers them all with a passion and enthusiasm that belies his years at the top.

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This time he explains grilling, either on the stove or outside on the barbecue, where food is cooked on or over flames, glowing coals or hot bars.

For Raymond, grilling is a simple method which can produce ambitious dishes. He skips between the stove in his restaurant kitchen and a barbecue in the vegetable garden. A spatchcock chicken with celeriac remoulade is a mouth-watering dish that shows how flattening the chicken allows it to cook perfectly on the barbecue. A seabass is wrapped in banana leaves before placing it on the barbecue. The leaves protect the delicate fish while allowing the amazing smoky flavour to permeate the fish. For dessert, grilled fruit brochettes with coconut rice is a simple but delicious finale.

In How to Cook Well : Barbecue & Grill:

1. Grilled aubergine salad

Grilled aubergine salad

Grilled aubergine salad

This simple dish of barbecued aubergine is dressed with chilli, chickpeas, feta and mint.

 2. Spatchcock chicken with celeriac remoulade

Raymond Blanc demonstrates the technique of barbecuing with a spatchcock chicken marinated in red wine and port, served with a celeriac remoulade.

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