How to Cook Well : Baking

This edition looks at baking – cooking in the dry heat of the oven. Raymond Blanc starts with scallops baked in their own shells and then makes a salt-baked leg of lamb.


He ends with two desserts. The first is a restaurant masterpiece – a pistachio souffle with a bitter cocoa sorbet inside – and is followed by a flourless chocolate cake.

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 1. Pistachio soufflé with bitter cocoa sorbet

Pistachio soufflé

Pistachio soufflé

Raymond Blanc demonstrates the technique of baking by making a hot pistachio soufflé with a rich and icy chocolate sorbet centre.

 2. Baked cheese “fondue”

Baked cheese “fondue”

Baked cheese “fondue”

Raymond Blanc offers two alternative baked melting cheeses – one spiked with chilli, garlic and rosemary and the other topped with a secret ingredient… Lush with homemade flatbread.


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