The Beechgrove Garden episode 17 2017

Jim and Carole enjoy a red cabbage success story and Chris plants a range of hostas in the Beechgrove cottage garden.

In the Beechgrove garden, Jim and Carole enjoy a red cabbage success story. Chris plants a range of hostas in the Beechgrove cottage garden. Since hostas are usually tasty morsels for slugs and snails, Chris also tries out a range of preventative measures.

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George visits Fiona and Euan Smith’s garden at Kierfiold House on Orkney. The garden is a lesson on how creating shelter allows for planting in exposed conditions and is home to a large collection of hardy geraniums.

In Beechgrove Garden episode 17 2017:

 1. Red cabbages

This week at the Beechgrove garden it felt as if there was a ‘whiff’ of autumn in the air as it was drizzling with grey skies when Jim and Carole welcomed us to the Beechgrove. We have planted 10 different varieties of red cabbages to assess them for flavour, holding ability, tightness of head and yield.

 2. Decking potatoes

This week it was time for Carole and our head gardener Mairi to harvest second early potatoes on the decking, as it has been 15 weeks since they were planted.

 3. Camellias

In the middle of May our Camellias which had been in their pots for 5 years were re-potted: some may have thought that their treatment was a little rough, so this week Jim took the opportunity to give us an update on their progress. He was delighted to report that they were none the worse for their upheaval, all looking very healthy with bright glossy green leaves.

They have been fed every two weeks with an ericaceous feed and watered regularly. Also Jim reminded us to turn plants in pots regularly so that their growth does not become one sided.

 4. Hostas and Slug Proofing

The Hosta group of plants are usually associated with bog gardens – for example Hosta ‘Sum and Substance, does very well, and makes a really bold statement in the garden with its huge corrugated yellowy green leaves. However. there is in fact a Hosta for virtually every situation in your garden.

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