Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes ep.2 – Takeaways

In Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes ep.2: he creates dishes inspired by some of his favourite takeaway foods. This is the kind of casual grab-and-go food that puts a smile on people’s faces. He starts with a puff pastry pizza that saves on making pizza dough and is topped with delicious crispy beef.

Next he cooks an upmarket version of the classic post-pub takeaway – the doner kebab. He swaps the usual lamb for duck, marinates it in Asian flavours and threads it on to lemongrass skewers for maximum flavour.

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Tom’s favourite takeaway treats from his childhood were doughnuts bought at the end of Weston-super-Mare pier. Doughnuts are currently making a comeback, and Tom visits a stall in London’s Borough Market serving some of the best doughnuts he has ever tasted. Inspired by his visit, Tom shows us how to make a grown-up doughnut stuffed with an innovative chocolate filling that tastes of turkish delight.

Tom loves a pasty and has come up with a twist on the traditional Cornish pasty by replacing meat with lovely smoked haddock. Lastly, he serves up the ultimate takeaway treat – the burger, but he makes hamburgers made with real ham to feed some hungry crowds trackside at the dogs.

Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes ep.2:

 1. Beef and blue cheese puff pastry pizza

Beef and blue cheese puff pastry pizza

Beef and blue cheese puff pastry pizza

Ready-made puff pastry is a great ‘cheat’ for pizza. Topped with rich beef, a creamy cheese sauce and tangy onions, this version is hard to beat.

 2. Duck and lemongrass kebabs

The lemongrass acts as the skewer to infuse Asian flavours into the vegetables and duck. Perfect for a Friday night treat.

 3. Smoked haddock pasties

Soft, smoky haddock encased in crisp pastry makes a lighter version of these typically meaty parcels.

 4. Cornish pasty

Tom Kerridge makes his own fishy version of the classic Cornish pasty.

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