Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes ep.5 – Old Skool Favourites

Chef Tom Kerridge shows how to cook the best versions of the kind of food we all love to eat.


In this episode, he cooks dishes based on some of his favourites from his childhood. These dishes bring back many happy memories, full of flavours that he loves, with a few improvements over the years. He brings chicken kiev up to date with a fantastic homemade version that’s almost as easy to make as it is to get out of a packet. There’s a corn on the cob dish with a burnt onion sauce to liven up this often overlooked but delicious side dish.

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Tom recreates his version of his mum’s sausage roast that he enjoyed growing up and visits a Gloucester old spot farm to find the best pork possible to use for his recipe. He cooks his version of a lasagne with a few twists that are guaranteed to pack in extra flavour. Lastly, he visits his old school in an attempt to put an old-fashioned pudding back on the menu. But how will his pineapple upside-down cake go down with a group of hungry teenagers?

Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes ep.5:

 1. Corn on the cob with burnt-onion ketchup

Corn on the cob with burnt-onion ketchup

Corn on the cob with burnt-onion ketchup

Making your own ketchup is not as difficult or time-consuming as it sounds – and it makes any barbecue go with a bang.

 2. Chicken Kiev

This decadent retro dish is as perfect for an everyday supper as it is for impressing friends at a dinner party. Serve with a crisp salad or steamed greens.

 3. Pineapple upside-down cake

Pineapple upside-down cake

Pineapple upside-down cake

This posh take on a Seventies’ classic brings a retro dish bang up to date. Just add friends.

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