Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes ep.6 – Lush Lunches

Tom believes that everyone deserves a proper lunch and he’s not talking about soggy sandwiches and a packet of crisps. In this episode, Tom shows some great recipes for livening up lunches. First up it’s tomato soup done properly – made with fresh tomatoes and thickened with bread. There’s his twist on a classic ham and mushroom pie and then he makes a crispy duck salad with an Asian-style dressing.


He also visits a steelworks in York to cook up the ultimate steak sandwich. The Pittsburgh black and blue steak was so named because the steelworkers would apparently cook their meat on the hot steel so it was black on the outside and blue on the inside. Tom wants to see if this really works. The hungry guys at the metalworks certainly seem to think so as the steak sandwiches go down much better than their usual lunch options. For dessert Tom serves up a light muscovado cream topped with fruit, which can be made up in advance.

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In Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes ep.6:

 1. Crispy duck salad

Crispy duck salad

Crispy duck salad

Enjoy fantastic contrasts in this zingy salad – salt, sweet and sour flavours combine with warm duck and chilled fruit.

2. Proper tomato soup

Proper tomato soup

Proper tomato soup

Make this posh tomato soup from scratch for a healthy, nourishing meal – you’ll never open a tin again.

 3. Pittsburgh black-and-blue steak sandwich

This classic American recipe uses the smaller, tender end of a beef fillet to create stupendous sandwiches.

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