The Beechgrove Garden episode 24 2015

In Beechgrove Garden episode 24 2015: Jim and Carole walk around the garden pointing out plant combinations showing colour at this time of year. Jim prepares half hardy perennials for winter, whilst Carole enjoys the gloxinias which are still flowering well and shows how to dry off amaryllis bulbs.


In Coldstream, George Anderson meets Alec West who has an orchard jam-packed with apples, pears and plums – his fruit collection is said to be the biggest in Scotland. It was a fine autumn day at Beechgrove this week and Jim and Carole were at the back of the Main Vegetable Plot looking at the cordon apples along the wall where there is a very promising crop.

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Beechgrove Garden episode 24 2015:

 1. Preparing half hardy perennials for winter

Jim is in the greenhouse preparing cuttings of half hardy perennials and sub-shrubs for overwintering. The cuttings were taken in August and they have rooted well – they include sage, artemisia, penstemon and helichrysum. Sage can suffer a real battering in the winter weather so it is worth taking some cuttings. Jim explained that the rooted cuttings can be overwintered in their current pots. They will need to be fed with a half strength tomato or indoor plant fertiliser as there is no fertiliser left in the original compost.

 2. Plant combinations

Jim and Carole were walking round the ornamental gardens searching out good plant combinations for this time of year.

 3. 8 x 6 Greenhouses: The Final Visit

Carole was back in her 8 x 6 greenhouse for a final review and it’s packed with late colour. The Hot Water plants were slow to start from their small rhizomes, but now have lovely flowers with good-sized blooms in nice colour combinations.

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