The Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2016

In the Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2016 , Jim is dealing with hardy veg in the veg plot, while Carole is starting off some tender veg in the poly tunnel. Brian Cunningham, head gardener of Scone Palace, is back at Beechgrove to finish the new alpine garden planting.


Carole also visits Mike and Sue Thornley at Glenarn Gardens in Rhu, near Helensburgh. This garden dates back to the 1920s and 30s and is best known for its stunning collection of tender rhododendrons that are planted in a sheltered Himalayan glen.

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The Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2016:

This week, Jim welcomed us to The Beechgrove Garden on a slightly overcast but calm day which was perfect for planting. Jim,Carole and Head Gardener, Brian
Cunningham from Scone Palace were starting to plant up a new mini fruit orchard. Our decking border which is only just over 1m wide and 4m long is destined to be home for this new range of compact growing fruits to create a mini fruit garden and these new dwarf fruits are ideal for people who have a similar restricted space.

1. Salad turnips and plug plant veggies vs direct sown veggies

Two weeks ago, Jim sowed some vegetable seeds in a raised bed on the same day as he planted out the same vegetable plug plants that had been pre-sown in little pots on the 5 April. The rationale was to get a crop of vegetables sooner, and also to extend the season of cropping. This week he was delighted to see
there has been good seed germination, and the plug plants are romping away.

 2. Alpine garden revamp final visit

Brian Cunningham the Head Gardener at Scone Palace has been charged with the revamp of our alpine garden at Beechgrove. The whole point behind this revamp was to create as many different alpine environments as possible. Last week he concentrated on planting up the crevice features and the crevice wall.

 3. Greenhouse Gardening

This year as last, both Jim and Carole have each taken on an 8 x 6 greenhouse and are using them to show just what can be grown in a small glasshouse.

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