The Beechgrove Garden episode 10 2016

In Beechgrove Garden episode 10 2016 the team take a break from the garden to be at Gardening Scotland, the biggest gardening show north of the border. The cream of British growers will be there, with everything from pansies to pelargoniums and cacti to clematis in a stunning floral frenzy.


We see those who are growing for gold including those exhibits showing off their medals from the previous week’s Chelsea Flower Show. Show gardens are a buzzing, eclectic mix from Hive Jive, a garden inspired by the ‘waggle dance’ of bees, to the secret herb garden made with invasive weeds that are turned into beer.

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Beechgrove will be concentrating on the Scottish talent and Scottish plants but we’ll join them all for a sneak preview as well as sampling the unique atmosphere of Gardening Scotland.


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