Gardening Australia ep. 7 2018

In Gardening Australia ep. 7 2018, Jane Edmanson visits some gardeners in the village created by designer Edna Walling; Costa Georgiadis meets four generations of a family sharing a garden in Geelong and Jerry Coleby-Williams shares a Gold Coast garden gem.

Gardening Australia ep. 7 2018:

Living in Fairyland

Jane Edmanson visits the village that garden designer Edna Walling created at Bickleigh Vale

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Jobs for the Weekend

Seasonal advice on jobs to do in the garden this weekend

A Garden Heirloom

In Geelong there’s a garden that has been tended by the same family for decades. Costa Georgiadis meets the four generations currently caring for the land – and each other

My Garden Path – Dr Cathy Franzi

Ceramist – Dr Cathy Franzi

D.I.Y. Seed Paper

Sophie Thomson shows how to make your own seed paper gifts

FAQs – Over-watering | Adding clay to soil | Best native food plants

Answers to commonly asked gardening questions

Helping Hands

Millie Ross returns to a garden she helped create for a friend to check on its progress and pitch in with some ongoing maintenance

Hidden Treasure

Jerry Coleby-Williams explores the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens and learns the stories behind some of the native food plants

Playful Planting

Steven visits a garden that is designed for adventure and play

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