Gardeners World episode 31 2015

Gardeners World episode 31 2015 is the last programme of the current series , Monty Don takes stock of his year at Longmeadow. We visit RHS Wisley to learn why autumn leaves are such a precious commodity for our gardens. And in the final instalment of her botany series, Carol Klein celebrates the glorious displays put on by flowering plants to attract pollinators.

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Gardeners World episode 31 2015:


What to do with leaves

Deciduous leaves are a wonderful resource from which to make leafmould and this is a great time of the year to start collecting them as they begin to fall from the trees. All leaves are suitable, although some will break down more quickly than others. If you don’t have a tree in your garden, why not approach a friend or neighbour, or even your local parks department? Most people will be only too glad to get rid of their fallen leaves!

Prepare saved seed for storage

Now is the time to sort through any seeds you’ve saved over the summer. Check that they are still in good condition and then sieve to separate the seed from the chaff. The sieved seed can then be stored in paper bags or envelopes, or even in an airtight container. Label and place somewhere cool and dry until ready to sow.

Bring in tender bulbs

Some places in the UK have already experienced a frost and as there are likely to be many more, now is a good time to bring in tender bulbs like eucomis and evergreen agapanthus. Deciduous agapanthus can be kept outside as they are more hardy than their evergreen cousins, but in cold areas, it’s worth moving them to a sheltered spot and covering them with a layer of horticultural fleece.

Clean & oil your garden tools

Ideally, we would all clean and oil our tools over the course of the year, but in reality we never get round to it! Over the winter, however, it’s worth giving them a bit of attention. Rub down your metal tools with some wire wool, particularly those used for cutting, oil and sharpen and put away ready for action.

Gardeners World episode 31 2015
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Gardeners World episode 31 2015
Is the last programme of the current series , Monty Don takes stock of his year at Longmeadow.
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