Gardeners World episode 28 2016

In Gardeners World episode 28 2016, after months of nurturing the plants in his garden, Monty reaps a harvest of a different kind when he investigates how productive his bees have been at making honey.

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Joe Swift visits the world famous Chatsworth House in Derbyshire to explore the history of its monumental 19th-century rock garden and to see how a more contemporary version compliments the original design. Frances Tophill explores the challenges of gardening on the edge of a Scottish loch, while Flo Headlam is in Birmingham, transforming a city rooftop.

Adam Frost continues with the transformation of his Lincolnshire garden, Alan Power spends a day with the head gardener at the Bishop’s Palace in Wells, and we meet a Staffordshire couple who have developed a fondness for filling their garden with acers.

Gardeners World episode 28 2016:


Tips on storing fruit

If handled carefully and placed in the right environment, fruit from your garden may be stored for several weeks, or even months. So, with a little planning, you could be eating your own apples at Christmas

Grow your own pears

Biting into a succulent, perfectly-ripe pear is one of the joys of autumn. You may be lucky enough to have one in your garden already that someone else has planted, but if not, they are easy to establish – you can even grow them in containers. There are many different types of pears, but they broadly fall into two categories: dessert pears for eating, and cookers, as the name suggests, for cooking!

How to train an espalier

Training apples and pears as espaliers is a space-saving way of growing fruit on a wall or fence. They require little pruning once established and are attractive in blossom and fruit and architectural during winter. Ornamentals such as Pyracantha are sometimes trained as espaliers.

Lifting & dividing perennials

Dividing perennials regularly will ensure healthy, vigorous plants that will continue to perform year after year. It also offers the opportunity to multiply your plants. Most perennials benefit from division every two to three years to maintain health and vigour. For the purposes of propagation, the task can be done more regularly.

How to build a hotbed

Harvesting new potatoes in March may seem like a tall order, but not for Jack First in West Yorkshire. With the help of some fresh horse manure, he’s able to grow all sorts of crops in double quick time, as Joe Swift discovered when he went along to see him.

Gardeners World episode 28 2016

Monty reaps a harvest of a different kind when he investigates how productive his bees have been at making honey.

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