Great British Menu episode 18 2017 – Northeast Main

Today in Great British Menu episode 18 2017,  the chefs are cooking their main courses and are all taking risks to try and win a place at the banquet. Danny Parker is trying to recreate the flavours of an American barbecue but the veteran chef is dubious about one of his ingredients.

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Tommy is inspired by Wimbledon’s guard of honour – the ceremonial line up given to Wimbledon winners. He is worried about his lamb as he will not know if it is perfectly cooked until the diner carves it. Josh creates a main course inspired by memories of his grandfather and his summers spent with him at family barbecues.

This year on Great British Menu, the ultimate professional cooking competition, 24 of Britain’s top chefs are competing for the chance to cook at a prestigious Taste of Summer banquet celebrating 140 years of the iconic Wimbledon Championships. The chefs have been challenged to create outstanding dishes that capture a ‘taste of summer’. Their menus must reflect the tastes, smells and colours of everybody’s favourite time of year and pay tribute to the incredible history and prestige of the tournament.

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