Gardening Australia ep. 18 2018

Tino Carnevale meets friends who met via a garden program, Costa Georgiadis builds a frog bog at a preschool, Sophie Thomson meets volunteers who have replanted a woodland and Jerry Coleby-Williams looks at volunteer plants.


Gardening Australia ep. 18 2018


Frog Bog

Costa digs deep to build and plant out a frog bog at a Sydney preschool, making it a welcoming space for both the future frog inhabitants and the young visitors

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FAQs – Non-flowering yucca | Over-fertilising | Deadheading

Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions

Growing Friendship

Tino meets two gardeners who became friends through a program that matches older residents with volunteers to share the garden load


Some plants self-seed best when left alone, and Jerry has found a way to work with this natural habit to fill the gaps in his garden for free

Restoring the Woodland

Sophie meets some of the hard-working volunteers who have spent decades restoring a woodland at Adelaide’s Waite Arboretum

Chook Manure

Josh Byrne loves having chicken at his home in Perth, and particularly loves being able to reuse their manure in the garden. He makes liquid manure using a handful of chicken poo in a watering can. He first breaks it up then, once it’s dissolved and mixed through the liquid, he removes the rose (to avoid it clogging up) and waters the nitrogen-rich solution over his vegies.

A Simple Seat

Millie Ross shows a simple way to build a temporary garden seat

Christine Williams loves her job landscaping a Sydney cemetery, where the gardens are designed with both the dead and the living in mind

Paul’s Unbeetable Soup

Paul West shares his recipe for transforming home-grown beetroot into a wonderful warming soup

Gardening Australia ep. 18 2018
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Gardening Australia ep. 18 2018
Gardening Australia ep. 18 2018
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