Gardening Australia ep. 20 2018

In Gardening Australia ep. 20 2018 – Jerry Coleby-Williams harvests sugar-bag honey, Costa Georgiadis explores a green industrial site, Jane Edmanson visits a garden for outdoor living, Tino Carnevale has a clean up, and Millie Ross plants four-season colour.


Gardening Australia ep. 20 2018


Coal Loader

Costa explores an enormous roof garden, designed to create green space in what was once an industrial wasteland

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FAQs – Pollinating plants | Drip irrigation | Old potting mix

Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions

Plants for Days

Jane visits a garden designer at home and discovers a space that encourages the whole family to spend time outdoors

Ship Shape

Fungi and bacteria are at home in plants and soil so Tino explain why it’s important to be clean AND green in the garden

Office Oasis

Guest presenter Steven Wells visits a corporate office block where employees work alongside plants, and staff well-being is at the top of the agenda

Root Bound

Josh Byrne shows how to spot – and deal with – a root-bound plant

Perfect Perennials

Get inspiration for your garden with this beautiful collection of plants from our story ’A Passion for Perennials.’

Year-round Colour

It may be winter but there’s a plant for every season; Millie offers some ideas to get flowering colour in your garden for 12 months a year

Pruning Perennials

Sophie Thomson shows how to prune perennials

Plan Bee

Jerry’s sugar-bag bees need more space so he calls in an expert to help split his hive and harvest some honey

Gardening Australia ep. 20 2018
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Gardening Australia ep. 20 2018
Gardening Australia ep. 20 2018 - Pruning Perennials
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