Gardening Australia ep. 21 2018

Millie Ross shares her tips for gardeners who rent, Costa Georgiadis visits a family who make the most of their tiny space, Josh Byrne meets a legend of botany and Jane Edmanson explores an inspiring Gippsland garden.


For almost 30 years Gardening Australia has provided practical, trustworthy and credible gardening advice to inspire and entertain. Join Costa Georgiadis and the team as they traverse the country unearthing the best gardens.

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Gardening Australia ep. 21 2018


Jobs for the Weekend

Seasonal advice on jobs to do in the garden this weekend

An Achievement of a Lifetime

Jane visits a stunning garden in Victoria that is a triumph of colour and design, with a generous helping of rare and unusual plants

Bringing the Outdoors In

Costa meets a family in inner-city Sydney who have made the most of their limited garden space by blurring the lines between indoors and out

An Equatorial Obsession

Jerry travels to far north Queensland to visit a couple who have scoured the equatorial regions of the world to collect and cultivate their own extraordinary garden

Renters Rule!

Millie shares her tips for choosing plants, finding containers, and growing your own food in a rental property

Growing a Village

Jane explores a garden started and run by an African migrant to benefit other new Australians by helping them engage with their new community

A Magnus Opus

Tino visits a second-generation nurseryman in Tasmania to see what plants he chooses to grow in his home garden

A Kings Cross Treasure

Clarence Slockee drops in on a local legend to see the unusual garden he has created on Sydney’s most notorious strip

The Happy Gardener

Sophie gets the good oil from a gardener who still grow tomatoes, olives and much more following his family’s Italian traditions

A Life’s Work

Josh meets a horticultural legend who specialises in Western Australian native plants – and has a magnificent collection in his home garden

Gardening Australia ep. 21 2018
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Gardening Australia ep. 21 2018
In Gardening Australia ep. 21 2018 - Costa Georgiadis visits a family who make the most of their tiny space, Josh Byrne meets a legend of botany.
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