Asparagus growing

Gardeners World episode 4 2015

Monty Don plants up a new bed of asparagus and shows us how to lift and divide hostas. The clocks spring forward this weekend, so it's time to get down to business in the garden.   And on our second visit to South Africa, we explore the conditions that allow agapanthus to thrive in the wild. ...


Gardeners World episode 3 2015

If there's one flower that's fallen foul of fashion in recent times, it's the once-popular chrysanthemum. Monty Don thinks that they're well worth revisiting and shows us how to get them off to a flying start.


Gardeners World episode 2 2015

Hellebore, the jewels of the early spring border, come under the spotlight on this show. Monty Don shares his top tips on how to get the best from them.

Nigella's easy dishes

Simply Nigella episode 4

There is another serving of Nigella's easy dishes on offer as she rustles up more of her favourite recipes that promise to help with the wind down at the end of a long day. This time, the focus is on ensuring a cosy and comforting vibe.

Simply Nigella episode 3

Packed with new recipes and tips designed to make our busy lives easier, Simply Nigella proves that whatever the occasion, food, in the eating and the making, should always be pleasurable.

Crunchy chicken cutlets

Simply Nigella episode 2

In this episode of "Simply Nigella", Nigella introduces her favourite recipes for sharing with family and friends

Frank Wild: Antarctica's Forgotten Hero

Frank Wild: Antarctica’s Forgotten Hero

Yorkshireman Frank Wild was the unsung hero of the heroic age of Antarctic exploration. He was Sir Ernest Shackleton's loyal companion - following him to the very ends of the earth.

monty in the herb garden

Gardeners World episode 15 2017

Rachel de Thame joins Monty in Longmeadow and adds more medicinal planting to the herb garden, especially those that the bees love. Rachel also investigates ways to aid honey bee conservation and protect the nation's favourite pollinators. Monty visits a local garden in Herefordshire to see a national collection of Siberian iris, which inspires him ...

The Triumph of Monotheism

East to West – The Triumph of Monotheism ep.2

Today one god is worshipped by two thirds of humanity. It is the culmination of an extraordinary story by which a single deity emerged from a pantheon of thousands in the crucible of religious ideas that was the ancient Middle East. In this episode we trace the birth, development and explosion of the religion of Abraham and Moses, from its very beginnings in Judaism to its triumph as Christianity within the Roman Empire. Also we look at the earliest form of monotheism, as devised by Akhenaten in ancient Egypt

Nigella: At My Table ep.4

Nigella: At My Table ep.4

Another serving of irresistible dishes as Nigella shares some of her go-to favourites. For the perfect start to the day there's a breakfast inspired by her university days, fried bread and tomato hash.