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The Sky at Night – Jupiter: Up Close and Personal

Nasa's Juno spacecraft is currently making its 13th orbit of Jupiter on one of the most ambitious and risky space missions ever undertaken. The astonishing images it has captured are not just visually stunning, they also deliver spectacular scientific insight, revolutionising our ideas about Jupiter. Maggie Aderin-Pocock explores these stunning discoveries, from a new understanding ...

Guide to the Galaxy

The Sky at Night – Guide to the Galaxy

All good travel guides need a map, and the team unveil the most detailed 3D map of the Milky Way ever produced. A map that reveals that there may be 50 per cent more stars in the galaxy than we previously thought.   American astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson gives us a guided tour of the ...

The Invisible Universe

The Sky at Night – The Invisible Universe

The Sky at Night - The Invisible Universe: reports on one of the most unnerving discoveries in space science - that most of the universe is missing. We live in a material world, so instinctively we know what normal matter is - the world around us, the planets, stars and interstellar dust. But scientists currently ...

Wonders of the Night Sky

The Sky at Night – Wonders of the Night Sky

Wonders of the Night Sky celebrates one of the most profound, moving and enjoyable activities - the ancient art of looking up and studying the night sky.

Venus, Earths Twin

The Sky at Night – Venus, Earths Twin

Venus, Earths Twin How can two such similar planets have become so different? One is the crucible of life, the other an inferno with a surface scorched by raining acid, yet both began as almost identical bodies. With Venus prominent in the sky in May, the team explores our nearest neighbour, discovering how it formed ...

Five Greatest Images of the Solar System

The Sky at Night: 5 Greatest Images of the Solar System

The Sky at Night is a monthly documentary television programme on astronomy produced by the BBC. The show had the same permanent presenter, Patrick Moore, from its first airing on 24 April 1957 until 7 January 2013; Moore having died on 9 December 2012. This made it the longest-running programme with the same presenter in ...